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Pinpoint Address Validation Engine

By November 4, 2014January 3rd, 2015No Comments

Relativity, Inc.

Pinpoint Address Validation Engine (PAVE)™

Relativity is proud to announce the addition of the new PAVE toolkit in the next release of our RPS (Relativity Public Safety) Solution.  The new toolkit allows organizations to import their address and intersection point files from their ESRI point maps or other sources in order to speed entry and provide automatic pinpoint geocoding of the activity being recorded.

Components included in the PAVE set

  • Address Point File Importer and Maintenance tool
  • Intersection Point File Importer and Maintenance tool
  • MSAG (9-1-1 Master Street and Address Guide) to Point File Validator
  • Legacy/Historical address automatic matching engine
  • Manual exception matching tool for less-than-perfect legacy data
  • Easy entry validated address control throughout RPS

Benefits of the tools

  • Increased data entry quality
  • Automated validation of MSAG to Point Layer data
  • Instant location analytics
  • Accurate nearest unit selection
  • Identification of missing / invalid address points

What does it do for me?

One of the most important elements of a dispatch call or other public safety report is the location.  The RPS-PAVE (Pinpoint Address Validation Engine) provides instant address validation and geocoding as the data is being entered.

Having a geocoded and validated address with a functional AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) solution provides rapid nearest available unit determination to get the closest assistance to the scene in minimum time.

A secondary benefit off the PAVE solution is easy mapping of call activity into the ESRI or other mapping systems.  Analytics can be quickly performed to keep the department leadership apprised of activity trends and behavior patterns.

Team Relativity is available to assist our client agencies in implementing address validation, including assistance with address sourcing, initial configuration and import, integration procedures, sustainment planning, and training.

Relativity is a member of the ESRI developer network (EDN), and the PAVE solution provides the foundation for expanding the integration between RPS and the ESRI mapping, tracking, and analytics platforms.

Relativity, Inc. is a Government and Public Safety solution provider in their 17th year of operations, currently serving over 250 organizations across the US.  The company headquarters is in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

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