Integrated Evidence Tracking and Management

People are loving the new features in the latest version, and the cool thing of is that the ideas for new features came from the user community!

Solid evidence tracking is key to delivering solid and prosecutable cases to the courtroom.  Evidence

rps-ets features

  • Bar Code printing and tracking
  • Bar Code shelf labeling for rapid placement
  • Attachment feature for photos, documents, and video clips
  • Full chain of custody tracking
  • Extensive search and reporting capability
  • Statistical and inventory management reports
  • Fully integrated with rps-cm (case management) and rps-o/i (rps offense/incident)
  • Storage and intake locations fully configurable to fit your organization’s layout

Evidence Tracking Summary

The rps Evidence Tracking system eliminates much of the hassle associated with collecting and managing evidentiary items. Field officers are able to quickly enter evidence items, attach the bar-code label and leave them for the evidence officers.rps-Evidence

Evidence officers have a detailed evidence history trail. The powerful reconciliation tool makes evidence room auditing effortless. Utilizing the bar-code features in the system, your evidence officers can reduce the time needed to perform reconciliation tasks from days to minutes. Additionally, the Evidence Tracking system offers powerful search and reporting capabilities, allowing evidence personnel to quickly locate evidence inventory and view the history and chain of custody for each evidence item.

Evidence Home Page

The new evidence home page provides a one-stop shop for measures of key activity.  The dashboard/page provide an immediate list of documents in intake and of documents awaiting review for disposition.   It also provides several graph to provide you with a quick and easy to understand view of the intems and categories currently being stored in your evidence room.

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