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Little Rock School District adds Computer Aided Dispatch

By September 2, 2016October 12th, 2021No Comments

Little Rock Public School District rolls out Computer-Aided-Dispatch (CAD) System from re=lativity, inc.

Little Rock Public School Computer Aided Dispatch

Little Rock School District Patrol Division

Little Rock, Arkansas (August 2016)  The largest school district in Arkansas has expanded their operational capability by implementing a Centralized Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Solution purchased from Relativity, Inc. from Jonesboro, Arkansas.  The installation will provide their new patrol division a centralized point from which to direct operations and maintain district wide situational awareness. The Dispatch System went live on August 15th, 2016. Little Rock Public School District serves 26,000 students across 60 different campus buildings.

Ron Self, Director of Public Safety and Security, said, “In order to better serve the safety of our students, we recently implemented a new patrol division and we felt that a computer aided dispatch system would assist us in being able to better position Officers to more proactively combat issues.” Dillon Watkins, President for Relativity, said, “We are excited to be selected to play a part in increasing the safety of the Little Rock School District staff and student populations.”

Another important part of the rollout is Relativity’s integrated QuikTip system. QuikTip is a free app that can be downloaded by the students, staff, and parents that allows them to provide security or safety related information directly to dispatch. Because it is an app, QuikTip allows the students to communicate securely in a format that is familiar and that they are comfortable using. QuikTip can be used to provide information on bullying, underage drinking, drug use, or any other crime. The system is directly integrated with the CAD software which allows dispatchers to chat directly with tipsters, but with the anonymous feature, the person sharing information is not identifiable unless they choose to reveal their identity and/or location.

The app also provides users an option to opt-in to important communication notices from the hosting organization. Examples of these notifications could be as simple as road closings and weather warnings, or as serious as the notification of a chemical spill evacuation or an active shooter alert. QuikTip is already in use at several agencies across Arkansas and has already yielded over 600 tips.

Relativity is a national provider of Government and Public Safety Records Management solutions based in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The company is currently in their 18th year of operation, with a client base of over 250 agencies and organizations at the local, tribal, state, and federal level.