Relativity is customer-driven

We appreciate our customers, and will happily do all that we can to provide an unparalleled level of responsive support. For additional specifics, rps customers may visit our portal site at to log-in for the latest release notes, documentation, and FAQs.

We welcome your ideas

Your ideas and feedback concerning our current products as well as potential new products or functions are always welcome. If there is something you think would be a cool addition please send us the information…

Challenges and Opportunities

If you are having a software-related challenge or even if you don’t understand how to complete a specific task in the software,  we are here to help. Observe more details pertaining to   Just get in touch via one of the following methods.

There are three ways to contact our support team.

1.  Click here to email RPS support or Click here to email r2m support.

2.  Call our main line at   

3. Or give us your information in the support form below.

Relativity Support Request

Support Request Form

Use the form above for

  • rps (relativity public safety) support
  • r2m (relativity records manager) support
  • rmd (relativity mobile data) support
  • Other re=lativity desktop, web, or mobile products.