Incident Reporting & Investigative Solutions

Today’s law enforcement officer has more opportunities than ever to utilize technology for information collection and investigation.  Relativity’s investigative software solutions provide a powerful information management tool for field officers and detectives.

rps – Offense / Incident (RPS-OI): The rps NIBRS-compliant incident reporting software is a powerful system for officers to enter field information that is collected.. The easy to use interface, along with the intuitive NIBRS validation allows reports to be entered with ease and confidence that NIBRS required information has been obtained and is correct. Powerful search engines provide officers with the capability to search on numerous combinations of information and reporting features allow for valuable statistic and trend information to be extracted from the system.

rps – Case Management System: The rps Case Management system offers your organization a simple, but powerful method for assignment and management of cases. The system intuitively pulls new incidents entered into the system and alerts users of new cases assigned to them upon login. Supervisors can view assignments and case statuses from their control screen, offering an overall view of assigned cases and ensuring that cases do not fall through the cracks.  Metrics and case load information is easily accessible, allowing your officers to make the proper assignment decisions.

rps – Evidence Tracking System:
The rps Evidence Tracking system eliminates much of the hassle associated with collecting and managing evidentiary items. By utilizing barcode technology, field officers are able to quickly enter evidence items and leave them for the evidence officers already marked for internal transfer. This provides evidence officers a fully detailed evidence history trail. The system’s powerful reconciliation tool makes evidence room auditing effortless. By utilizing the barcode features in the system, your evidence officers can reduce the time needed to perform reconciliation tasks from days to hours. Additionally, the Evidence Tracking system offers powerful search and reporting capabilities, allowing evidence personnel to quickly locate evidence inventory and view the history and chain of custody for each evidence item.

rps – Ticket / Citation System:
The rps Ticket / Citation system provides a quick and simple way to enter traffic tickets, field issued citations, and warnings. Officers are able to search for existing individual information by a variety of methods, allowing for quick ticket entry. The Ticket / Citation system integrates with all other rps components and provides extensive search and reporting capabilities.  The rps Ticket / Citation system also fully integrates into the Municipal Court Management system, allowing information to be shared between law enforcement departments and courts.

rps – Warrant Management System:
The rps Warrant Management system integrates with all other rps systems, providing alert notifications for individuals with active warrants anytime that individual is accessed in the system.  Users are notified if an individual in the system has a warrant, regardless of the area of the program that is being accessed. (Example: If a ticket is being entered for an individual that has a warrant in the system, it will notify the user during the ticket entry.) Additionally, warrant service and attempts can be quickly tracked and reported. The Warrant Management system provides powerful reports that detail service effectiveness, allowing your organization to make decisions on service methods and scheduling. Agencies can print professional looking warrants from the system.  The rps Warrant Management system also fully integrates into the Municipal Court Management system, allowing for warrant information to be shared between courts and law enforcement departments.

rps – Sex Offender Registration System:
Relativity believes in protecting our communities by actively monitoring those convicting of committing sex crimes. That is why we designed our Sex Offender Registration system. This system allows agencies to collect and track extensive information about individuals that must register as a sex offender in the community. Officers can track registration renewals and are alerted when an individual in the system is past due for a renewal. Additionally, officers can print notification flyers for community notification of a new offender in the area.

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