Maintaining ticket, docket, disposition, and payment information is often a very time-consuming task for courts.  In addition to managing information needed for court proceedings, court offices also have to manage collections while keeping accurate accounting records and keeping compliant with audit regulations.

The rps Court system automates the entire justice process … from ticket entry until the time of payment collection and settlement. The rps Court system provides users with a fully-automated system that is capable of supporting the unique aspects of each court.

Our Court system offers many user-defined options, providing ultimate flexibility in assigning cost and fee structures, defining court dispositions, and managing collection activity.  The system supports all court functions, providing an efficient system for ticket entry, court preparation, and after court collection activity.

Additionally, the RPS Court system provides an easy, auditable method of managing the financial information associated with payment collection. Your court can run daily cash collection logs, reconcile the daily collections, record deposits, and ultimately run settlement reports

As with all rps products, our Court system seamlessly integrates with all other rps products, providing the opportunity for your court to share information with your law enforcement department(s).

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