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PAVEing the Way to Accuracy and Response

By November 4, 2014October 11th, 2015No Comments

rps Pinpoint Address Validation Engine released

Relativity is proud to announce the addition of the new PAVE toolkit in the next release of our RPS (Relativity Public Safety) Solution. the new toolkit allows organizations to import their address and intersection point files from their ESRI point maps or other sources in order to speed entry and provide automatic pinpoint geocoding of the activity being recorded.

PAVE allows for:

  • Easy mapping of call activity
  • Real-time entry address validation and geo-location
  • Accurate address entry
  • Rapid nearest available unit determination for dispatching
  • Easy import of existing data
  • Easy export of geo-location reports by category, date range, etc.
  • Automatic and manual geo-coding of historical address elements
  • Search results are Geo-enabled throughout rps

Geo-analytics, heat maps, and other spatial analysis tasks are easily accomplished in a few clicks.  Incident mapping, dispatch call activity, warrant, and arrest locations can be produced in minutes following the implementation of the rps PAVE tools.

Team Relativity is excited about this new toolkit and will be available to assist our client agencies in implementing address validation, including assistance with address sourcing, initial configuration and import, integration procedures, sustainment planning and training.

Relativity in a national provider of software solutions in the government, public safety, military, and corporate marketspaces.  Located in the Central and Northeast United States, Relativity is currently in it’s 17th year of operations.

Contact us today, and learn how easy it is to incorporate PAVE into your current operating system!

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