History of Jeanne Clery Act

Relativity Clery Software
The Jeanne Clery Act is named in memory of Jeanne Clery who was raped and murdered in her residence hall room by a fellow student she did not know on April 5, 1986. Her parents championed laws requiring the disclosure of campus crime information, and the federal law that now bears their daughter’s name was first enacted in 1990. 
The Clery Act originally known as the Campus Security Act requires colleges and universities across the United States to disclose information about crime on and around their campuses. The fine for inaccurate reporting is $35,000 per violation!
The Clery reporting guidelines are complex and allow for a lot of variability, so we at Relativity, Inc. saw the need for an accurate and user-friendly Clery compliance software. We hold round table discussions and work directly with our existing campus based RPS clients at to provide the best Clery software available. 
Relativity’s Clery Reporting Module provides maximum flexibility in categorizing each incident and provides a multi-level approval process to ensure your Clery reporting is accurate.

RPS-Clery Features

§ Itegrated incident to Clery Report capture
§  Officer Friendly
§  Flexible categorization for maximum accuracy in reporting
§  Permission Controlled Clery Options
§  Auto Generated Statistic Reports

How Does it Work?

keying in Clery SoftwareEach violation allows the department to determine Clery location type, the appropriate Clery category, and the Clery counts. Since Clery statistics are counted and aggregated differently from the Statutes themselves, and different from NIBRS data, the flexible assignment allows each campus to make the best possible determination to ensure accurate Clery reporting.
The suspect screen provides additional functionality by allowing the agency to determine which referral type they wish to record on a suspect by suspect basis.  When an actual arrest takes place, the system allows both the referral and the arrest to be categorized individually based on the specific circumstances for a particular case.
The new Clery master screen provides for multi-step authentication validation combined with a central summary for the entire incident.  The multi-level review provides officer accountability and ensures that the Clery categorization on a given report has been fully validated.

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