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New Tool to Track Domestic Violence

By September 23, 2015September 2nd, 2016No Comments

Relativity Adds Tool to Help Reduce Domestic Violence in Arkansas.

Next month is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and Relativity is doing their part to help track domestic violence to improve the safety of those affected.  

Arkansas Act 877 (“Laura’s Law”) went into effect on July 22, 2015.  To facilitate the rapid implementation of the new requirement and the collection of data relative to the new domestic violence law, the Relativity Offense/Incident Reporting Module now includes an adaptive version of the new form.

The Act requires law enforcement responding to a domestic abuse situation to ask a series of questions which are officially known as a “lethality assessment”.  Certain answers on the form would signify that the victim’s life may be in danger and would trigger a referral to a shelter or a domestic violence intervention program.

Laura’s Law is named after three women who were affected by domestic violence; Laura Aceves who was killed by her boyfriend in Eureka Springs, AR, her mother, Laura Ponce, who’s become an advocate for domestic violence victims, and Laura Webb who was nearly killed by her husband in 2012.

The addition of this form in short order and at no additional cost to any of the agencies is yet another illustration of Relativity’s continuing commitment to be a valued partner for the Arkansas Law Enforcement community.  Like our sex offender module, we provide the domestic violence module as a free add on because we want to provide our user agencies every tool possible to impact these extremely important areas of law enforcement. Our team is proud to help your team make an impact on reducing domestic violence in Arkansas.

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The RPS Offense/Incident Report system is currently in use at over 250 public safety agencies. Relativity is a national provider of Government and Public Safety solutions based in Jonesboro, Arkansas that is committed to providing our clients innovative solutions for the modern world of technology. Relativity is also proud to be the Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police 2015 Vendor of the Year.