rps Communications Center Software

In the fast paced environment of a communications center, it’s important that your organization has a Computer Aided dispatch solution that provides the leverage to minimize response time while maintaining maximum situation awareness.  The rps Computer Aided Dispatch solution is a robust, powerful, and easy to use solution that provides dispatchers with the tools needed to perform tasks efficiently, while providing them and the responding units with valuable information needed to effectively handle a call.

Response time is critical …

rps-CAD is structured to provide maximum information in minimum time!  When it comes to saving lives, these time saving tools can make a significant difference in the outcome of a situation.  Combine rps-CAD with the rmd (mobile data), and calls appear in the patrol unit in seconds.  Add the additional element of AVL/GPS (automatic vehicle location/geographic positioning system) and the system provides nearest unit recommendations based on unit availability, and coverage or assignment area.

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Situational Awareness – Information at your fingertips …

Active call information, location history and alerts, and other important information is a only one-click away, providing your dispatchers with tools to quickly access the information they need, when they need it.  The system provides a central view of activity, allowing dispatchers to view all activity from every dispatch station.  When combined with the RMD (Mobile Data) solution, the relevant information appears in the unit in a few seconds, ensuring the officer has the call details and location history at their fingertips.

Spatial Awareness

RPS-CAD system integrates ESRI maps with our powerful AVL/GPS  (Automated Vehicle Location/Geographic Positioning System) tracking solution, allowing your dispatchers to view call locations, unit locations, unit statuses, unit speeds, and other useful information in real time on your map.  For agencies without AVL or ESRI capability, the system integrates with Google Maps to provide call location and map view capability.

Quick training and implementation …

The RPS-CAD system interface is intuitive and easy to learn.  The system provides flexible customization and configuration options, providing your organization with a solution that truly fits the way that your dispatch operations are conducted.  Call type interview sequences and instructions are stored within the system, allowing new dispatchers to quickly and safely handle non-routine calls with confidence knowing they are gathering the right information in a timely manner.

Integrated Solution

The RPS-CAD system integrates with all other RPS applications, providing dispatchers the capabilities to run warrant checks, start incident reports, and communicate electronically with officers.  Additionally, the CAD system integrates with our powerful AVL tracking system, allowing your dispatchers to view call locations, unit locations, unit statuses, unit speeds, and other useful information in real time on your map.

Fire dispatch information is stored in the central system, including hydrant information, driving directions, special instructions, and pre-plans. Rip-n-run capability allows the fire departments without mobile computing capability to have the call details print in the fire station.

  • Officer, Fire, EMS, and Wrecker logs are one-click away for rapid answering of questions related to recent activity.
  • Searches include format on the fly and easy data grouping for rapid analysis
  • Standard reports provide statistical information for dispatchers, agencies, and units.



  • One button start for various dispatch call types.
  • Drag and Drop call assignment.
  • Web and social network posting for designated call types.
  • Multi-agency accessibility of call information from central system.
  • Mobile capable
  • Guideline/Q&A by call type
  • Address Validation/Location History, Warnings, and other information
  • Mapping integration for ESRI or Google Map
  • Watch list and scheduled event tracking
  • Instantaneous update of information elements as they are entered by dispatcher.

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