Public Safety Mobile Data in seconds

rmd mobile data


When handling emergency calls, getting maximum information to the units in the field in minimum time is important.   rmd (relativity mobile data) software provides a platform to send and receive information from the units in the field in an encrypted, secure and timely manner.

Within seconds of the dispatcher pressing apply, the call information shows up in the mobile unit complete with location history and other supplemental information.

The rmd solution takes workload off the dispatcher by allowing officers to complete their own local queries and NCIC searches without assistance.  Further time savings are gained by not having to repeat the call details over the radio because the officer has a screen that provides a timely and complete view of the same information they dispatcher sees.

Non-call specific communications

The built-in electronic communications provide a secure method for exchanging information.  Officers can communicate with each other, with supervisors, dispatch, and even people in the office or within the jail through a secure and reliable platform.

Benefits of rmd Mobile Data

  • Silent e-dispatch
  • Secure dispatch and non-dispatch communications
  • Individual, Property, Vehicle, and Weapon queries to NCIC.
  • Photo or image information can be distributed to everyone in seconds.
  • Call information is available real-time in the unit

rmd mobile data night mode screen