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Trumann PD goes with QuikTIp

By June 5, 2015September 21st, 2015No Comments

Trumann Police Department adds QuikTip

Trumann, Arkansas (March 2015) – The Trumann Police Department is implementing the QuikTip public safety app. Chief Chad Henson is proud to announce the launch of QuikTip, a revolutionary communication solution for anonymous tips and emergency notification that will serve the Trumann Community.  QuikTip allows the user to anonymously send a message directly to the Trumann Police Department and Dispatch Center. Download the free app today and help your community become a safer place!

QuikTip provides users with a simple and easy to use communication tool. This app based solution has an inherent potential to save lives and property by providing the Trumann Police Department instant access to first-hand information which can quickly be routed to the appropriate individual or agency.  Chief Henson says “Every tip will receive a response and will be reacted to in a timely manner.”

The app is adaptable and was easily configured to Trumann’s unique needs. QuikTip can be used to capture information on bullying, underage drinking, drug use, domestic violence and any other crime or potential crime. The system is directly integrated with the Police Departments RPS Computer-Aided-Dispatch software which allows dispatchers to chat directly with tipsters, but with the anonymous feature, the person sharing information is not identifiable unless they choose to reveal their identity and/or location.

The QuikTip app is an easy to use communication tool, which allows tip information to be provided while maintaining anonymity. The app provides users an option to opt-in to important communication notices from the hosting organization. Examples of these notifications could be as simple as road closings and weather warnings, or as serious as the notification of a chemical spill evacuation or an active shooter alert.

The app is available on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play store for Android users.  QuikTip can also be accessed by visiting the website  Once the app is downloaded, all the user has to do is select the Helena-West Helena Police department as their agency and they will be ready to send tips and receive notifications and alerts.

QuikTip is a product of Relativity, Inc., a national provider of software solutions in the Military, Government, Public Safety, and Tribal Market Spaces. The company is headquartered in Jonesboro, Arkansas and is currently in its 17th year of operation and serves over 250 public safety agencies in the state. Agencies and organizations interested in more information about getting QuikTip to make their community safer should contact them at 870-802-3622.

Visit the website at  and LIKE QuikTip on Facebook (