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UALR Public Safety Uses Relativity Public Safety (rps) to Automate Processes

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Little Rock, AR – February 7, 2011 – The University of Arkansas at Little Rock Public Safety Department is benefiting from new automation additions to their software system. UALR has implemented the Relativity Public Safety (rps) Computer Aided Dispatch and Evidence Tracking systems and are already seeing great improvements in dispatch call and evidence handling.

The Public Safety department oversees all police and safety functions of the UALR community of 13,000 plus students. The Public Safety team has utilized the rps system for Incident and Clery reporting since 2003. The addition of the Computer Aided Dispatch and Evidence Tracking systems will allow the department to fully automate many of their daily processes associated with creating a safe campus.

Before the implementation, the department was manually logging Dispatch calls using paper logs. Now, dispatchers can easily and accurately track calls and officers on duty. In turn, this information is easily assessable to dispatchers and administrators with just a few clicks of the button. This eliminates needless hours of searching paper logs for information or statistics. Evidence Tracking was also managed through paper logs. Now, with the new barcode system, evidence items can be quickly transported throughout the department and to outside agencies, while maintaining an accurate chain of custody. This greatly reduces the department’s liability and exposure.

The new additions will further assist the department by providing the opportunity to link and associate related information. Dispatch calls captured in the system can now be linked to the corresponding incident report and evidence collected can also be linked to the incident.

The addition of these systems will also assist the department in a greater goal. The department is currently working toward CALEA (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies) certification. Part of the CALEA certification requirements includes precise and accurate information management. The electronic capture and management of dispatch call and evidence information will assist the department in meeting the CALEA guidelines.

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