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Records Management Software Solutions

Records Management Software Solutions

Information Management & Solutions

Every organization depends on important information that is collected over time and every organization faces the challenge of managing and maintaining that information.

Relativity provides solutions that bridge the gap between information collection and information management, providing software that turns time consuming tasks into streamlined automated processes.  Our systems allow a seamless flow from capture to completion so your people can focus on performing instead of on paperwork.

Efficient and effective information management and anlytics are achievable for all organizations, regardless of size or circumstance.  Relativity provides a total solution by providing software, process improvement, and change management expertise.

Relativity has a successful history of implementing records management and automation solutions for a variety of markets.  For the last 17 years, Relativity has worked with the Military, Government, Public Safety, Education and private sectors, providing innovative solutions for today’s records management software challenges.

Communications / Dispatch

  • Computer Aided Dispatch
  • Nearest Unit Assignment
  • Automated Vehicle Location (AVL/GPS)
  • Fleet Tracking/Mobile Dispatch

Offense/Incident Management

  • Campus (w/integrated CLERY)
  • Corporate Security/Loss Prevention
  • Gaming/Hospitality
  • State and Local Public Safety (NIBRS)

Enterprise Content and Records Management

  • Military and Government Contracts
  • HR/Safety/SEC Compliance
  • Architectural/Engineering/Construction
  • Accounting and Operations

Court and Collections

– Easy Ticket and Disposition Entry
– Extensive Accounting Reports
– Multiple Docket Formats
– Integrated Warrant Component

Jail Management

– Easy Booking and Intake
– Inmate/Detainee Management
– Integrated Medical Records
– Central task management
– Check-in/Check-Out
– Integrated Commissary Capability

17 Years of Records Management Solutions