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Records Management Software Solutions

Records Management Software Solutions

Communications / Dispatch

  • Computer Aided Dispatch
  • Drive-time Routing/Nearest Unit Assignment
  • Rapid Traffic Stop Capture
  • Automated Vehicle Location (AVL/GPS)
  • Fleet Tracking/Mobile Dispatch
  • Regional Info Sharing for Dispatch and Warrants
  • Pinpoint Address Validation Engine (PAVE)
  • ESRI/ArcGIS Integration

Offense/Incident Management

  • State and Local Public Safety (NIBRS)
  • Campus (w/integrated CLERY)
  • Gaming/Hospitality
  • NDEX and MODEX Compliant (MO)
  • ADOG Direct Submission (AZ)

Enterprise Content and Records Management

  • Military and Government Contracts
  • HR/Safety/SEC Compliance
  • Architectural/Engineering/Construction
  • Accounting and Operations

Court and Collections

  • Easy Ticket and Disposition Entry
  • Extensive Accounting Reports
  • Multiple Docket Formats
  • Integrated Warrant Component
  • Collection Management Tools

Jail Management

  • Easy Booking and Intake
  • Inmate/Detainee Management
  • Integrated Medical Records
  • Central task management
  • Check-in/Check-Out
  • Integrated Commissary Capability