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Efficient records and information management is critical to your organization’s success.  Organizations often struggle to quickly capture and access records, while maintaining regulatory and approval standards.  Relativity can help your organization take control of these challenges.  Our records management software suite, r²m is designed to streamline the process of document and records management while increasing efficiency of operations.  Our software solutions are designed to provide your organization with tools to simplify time consuming and complex record handling processes.

  Document Management
Records Management
Email Management
Capture & Delivery
Collaboration Management
Process Improvement
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The public safety industry has the unique challenge of balancing information management with the overall organization’s goal of protecting the communities they serve.  Relativity’s suite of public safety software (rps) provides a bridge between the two – offering powerful automation solutions that efficiently manages your organization’s important information.  


  Incident Reporting
NIBRS Compliance
Case Management
Evidence Tracking & Management
Ticket / Citation
Warrant Management
Sex Offender Registration
Gang Tracking
Computer Aided Dispatch
Silent Dispatch
Mobile Data
Mobile Incident Reporting
AVL Tracking
  Mapping Solutions
Court Management
Court Accounting
Booking / Intake
Jail Management
Detention Center Management
Commissary Management
Inmate Medical Management
Jail Billing
Civil Paper Tracking
Circuit Court Accounting
Fixed Assets



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