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relativity records manager (r²m)

R2M LogoEfficiently managing records and information is critical to your organization’s success.  Organizations often struggle to quickly capture and access records, while maintaining regulatory and approval standards.  Relativity can help your organization take control of these challenges. Our records management software suite, r²m is designed to streamline the process of document and records management while increasing efficiency of operations.  Our software solutions are designed to provide your organization with tools to simplify time consuming and complex record handling processes.

Records Management Challenges:

All organizations face the challenge of maintaining records and information. relativity records manager (r²m) provides a solution to these challenges.

Maintaining documents in an organized manner

r²m offers an automated system for organizing working and archived documents.  By allowing your organization to define very specific data index information, document information can be captured and maintained in a method that specifically fits your organization’s needs.

Providing quick access to these documents

r²m’s powerful search engine provides quick access to documents … allowing for search by all indexed fields.

Ensuring documents are safe

r²m provides full permission control, allowing user rights to be customized to fit your organization’s structure.  We place great importance on ensuring that your records are safely and securely maintained.  r²m has been through the rigorous DoD 5015.2 certification process for safe record handling requirements for classified and non-classified records.

Developing a plan for document storage

Team Relativity has over 10 years of experience in implementing document and records management automation solutions.  We can help your organization develop a records management plan that is specific to your needs.

Increasing efficiency

Relativity has extensive experience in automation and process improvement. Implementing an electronic records management solution is the first step in taking your organization to the next level of efficiency.  We partner with our clients to combine our expertise in organization with the functionality of our software solutions.

Reducing operating costs

By eliminating paper processes and increasing overall employee efficiency, your organization will quickly see a return on investment.

Every organization can benefit from automating document and record handling processes.  Regardless of your organization’s size, efficiently managing your information will you to focus less on daily tasks and focus more on your organization’s mission.

Relativity can help you achieve that goal!  We have experience in implementing improved records management processes in operations of all sizes … from small offices to large multi-division organizations.

For more information on r²m and automation solutions, contact the Relativity sales team at 870.802.3622 or email info@relativityinc.com.

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