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Computer Aided Dispatch

DispatchIn the fast paced environment of a dispatch center, it’s important that your organization has a CAD system that works as efficiently as your team.  Relativity’s Computer Aided Dispatch system is designed to provide your dispatchers with the tools needed to perform their tasks efficiently, while providing them with valuable information needed to effectively dispatch a call.

A solution for your organization …
The rps CAD system offers many customizable options, providing your organization with a solution that truly fits the way that your dispatch operations are conducted. The system provides a central view of activity, allowing dispatchers to view activity from every call in the center. Additionally, our auto-refresh option provides dispatchers with the most accurate view at all times.

Response time is critical …
Call centers using our dispatch solutions have seen a reduction in response times by up to 2 minutes a call! When it comes to saving lives, these time saving tools can make a significant difference in the outcome of a situation.

Information at your fingertips …
Historical call information, logs, and other useful information is easily accessible, providing your dispatchers with tools to quickly access the information they need, right when they need it.  

Quick training and implementation …

The rps CAD system is easy to learn and use.  Your dispatchers can be up and running within just a few hours.

The rps CAD system also integrates with all other rps applications, providing dispatchers the capabilities to run warrant checks, start incident reports, and chat with officers.  Additionally, the CAD system integrates with our powerful AVL tracking system, allowing your dispatchers to view call locations, unit locations, unit statuses, unit speeds, and other useful information in real time on your map.

For more information about our Computer Aided Dispatch solutions, contact Relativity sales at 870.802.3622 or info@myrps.com.

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