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AVL Mapping / Mobile Solutions

Relativity, Inc.’s Mobile Suite provides officers with maximum mobility ... allowing them to spend more time out in the field, focusing on their primary task of protecting their communities.

Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVL): The AVL system provides your dispatchers with a view of every patrol car within your dispatching area.  This is a very valuable tool and has even saved lives by providing officer locations when they are unable to communicate with dispatchers. This is useful for dispatchers to assist officers when they are having trouble finding an incident location, and has even proved useful to protect officers when falsely accused of certain actions. The AVL system provides dispatchers with the ability to view patrol car speeds, status, whether or not their lights are on, and other valuable information. The information collected can also be viewed and played back historically, in case activity from a previous day needs to be reviewed.

Relativity Mobile Data (RMD): RMD is an intuitive system that allows officers to receive dispatch call information while out in their patrol car. Officers can also run NCIC checks and chat with dispatchers and other officers, reducing radio noise. 

Relativity Mobile Offense / Incident (Mobile OI):
The Mobile OI system allows officers to enter their NIBRS compliant offense reports while out in patrol vehicles, increasing their time out on the streets. Officers can receive report approvals / disapprovals during their shift and make the corrections needed immediately, so that cases can be quickly transferred to CID.

For more information about our Mobile solutions, contact Relativity sales at 870.802.3622 or info@myrps.com.

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