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Mission & GoalFor over 11 years, Relativity has been helping organizations improve efficiency and minimize costs through process automation.  We provide total automation solutions in a number of vertical markets. For every operation currently requiring the filing, handling or retrieving of paper, there are potential improvements to be made through the application of our products, regardless of size. A move toward paperless or reduced-paper handling has a direct and positive effect on an organization's bottom line. 

Managing those challenges against internal efficiency and cost reduction objectives is part of the formula for successful implementation of any process improvement effort . . . we are the other part.

We complete the equation . . . the equals sign has always been used to express the relationship between two sets of information. We incorporate it into our name because it signifies our purpose--creating solutions to manage the relationship between an organization and its information.

Team Relativity is structured to be both agile and responsive to your needs. We are not bound by traditional methodologies, allowing us to react as necessary to get the job done. Our team provides each partnering organization the leverage needed to gain the maximum efficiency level from their investment in technology and automation-related products.

Relativity is staffed by talented, educated, and highly motivated team members. We believe the best way to achieve success is to provide solutions instead of simply selling software.  Our team is success driven, and our success depends on your success.

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